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The Three60 Wine Program is in full swing! Remember the more wine we sell, the price will go down... our own Wine Co-Op.

Check out these great French Wines...
frederic-esmonsin2013 Frderic Esmonin Gevrey Chambertin Red Burgundy
Three60 Price: $27.52


chateau-montaud-rose 2013 Chateau Montaud Cotes de Provence Rose 
Three60 Price: $13.02

What Our Customers Are Saying!

~Three60 Wine "prices are better than Trader Joe's!"~

~"Buy a spectacular bottle of wine from Three60 Market, take it to dinner, pay the corkage fee, and you'll save up to 30% on your wine bill!"~

We're still in the process of updating the website with our in stock wines.

Remember...don't see your favorite wine? For pricing, email your wine list to us at Three60Wine@three60market.com.

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Latest News

  • WOW!! Wine Co-Op is Working…


    Our focus white wine Sonoma Cutrer Chardonay 2012 is a crowd favorite. Our volume has increased so much on this wine that we are purchasing every bottle for a $1 less than last order. We are now paying $12.50 a bottle and offering to our customers for $16.10 per bottle.

    Three60 Wine Program, our cost + $3.60, is the best wine prices in Naples.

    all wine, all day, every day

  • Rebecca Retiring???


    Not anytime soon! One of Rebecca’s newest endeavors will include the property across the canal from Three60 Market.

    In the meantime, the property on Becca at Bayshore Drive will become our overflow parking. Our staff is already parking there to provide more customer parking in the Bayview Drive lot. However, if you should find yourself driving in circles waiting for a spot, just pop over to the Becca lot and park on the grass; it’s a short walk to Three60 Market from there.

    see map… Read more

  • Calling All WWII Vets


    Want to visit the WWII memorial in DC? for FREE?
    Visit collierhonorflight.org
    Contact Johnna Dettis @ 239.777.9295
    for more information.

Summer Sunday Fun

Boat Docks Available for Rent

Did you know our boat docks are available for rent? Currently, we have 9 docks available @ $150/month...
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Upcoming Events

  1. Kids Day ~ Feed the Fish

    November 2
  2. iPhone Event ($20)

    November 4 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

    November 9 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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